Local Secretary: James Stiles, Email
Deputy Local Secretary: Maggie Kohls,
Treasurer: Greg Kontz, (701)-290-0743;


Prairie Dawg Editor: Volunteer needed (James Stiles is continuing to assist until a volunteer can be found; Email)
2017-18 Scholarship Chair: Maggie Kohls,
Testing Coordinator: Shirley Starke, (701)-845-2382;
        Ann Knudson,
        Kevin Lemke (701)-787-6328,
Ombudsman: Andre Jordheim,
Publicity Chair: Monte Faul, (701)-880-1011;
SIGHT Coordinator: Ann G. Knudson, (701)-223-2962;
Webmaster: Dave Bruley, Email

Area Coordinators:

Northeast: Volunteer needed
Southeast: Lana Barone, Fargo, (225) 229-2503;
Southwest: Greg Kontz, Dickinson, (701) 290-0743;
Northwest: Volunteer needed

Gifted Youth Area Coordinators:

Northeast: Volunteer needed
Southeast: Volunteer needed
Southwest: Greg Kontz, Dickinson, (701)-290-0743;
Northwest: Volunteer needed
Last Updated 11 April 2018
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