North Dakota Mensa was founded in 1982 by lawyer John Gosbee of Mandan and is one of the most active small groups in Mensa.

The group has received numerous American Mensa awards, including National Mensa's Group of the Year Award ("GOTYA") in 2009, 2011, and 2012 - this means it was recognized as the best group in its size category in the United States! The GOTYAs were discontinued in 2013; in 2014 the group was awarded the Diamond Award in the new Jewel Awards, for again being the highest-scoring group in its category, and in 2015 we received a Sapphire Award.

Member Karina Fabian received the Fiction Owl in 2007 for her ongoing contribution to the newsletter. We received Owl awards in 1999 and 2000 for membership growth and retention. (The Owl Awards for writing have since been replaced by the ACEs.)

North Dakota Mensa has hosted eleven Regional Gatherings. The first nine were held at The President's House on the Valley City State University campus, Valley City; we then moved to a travelling RG format. We showcased the east and west sides of our state with faRGo 2013 and enRG 2014 (Dickinson). The center of the state will have its turn with heRitaGe 2015 (Mandan), coming up in August.

The group has regular meetings in Fargo/Moorhead, Bismarck, Dickinson, and Grand Forks and occasional meetings in Valley City and other cities. Events are primarily publicized in the newsletter, but events that aren't planned in time to make the next issue are listed on our calendar. If you would like to attend a meeting, check it out or email your nearest Area Coordinator (check out the Contacts page).

North Dakota Mensa participates in the national Scholarship Program. For more information, see the contacts page for the address of the Scholarship Chairman. To donate to our scholarship, please visit the Mensa Foundation by clicking the Scholarship tab on our site; once on the Foundation site, click Make Your Mark, Support our scholarship (left sidebar menu), Local Group scholarships. Scroll down the list to find ours. Thank you!

To read the current bylaws, strategic plan and minutes of ExComm meetings, return to the Official Business page. To contact us, see the Contacts page.

Last Updated 19 July 2015
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