The Prairie Dawg

Official Publication of North Dakota Mensa

Editor: Volunteer Needed

Members are encouraged to contribute to group's newsletter, the Prairie Dawg!

Your imagination is the limit: The Dawg has previoulsy included discussions about fighting terrorism, mock turtle soup, referenda, fairies, cats, Mensa gatherings, and Death Rain potato chips. The newsletter included the Owl-award winning serial set at the World Gathering, written especially for us by Karina Fabian and starring Vern the dragon, also known as Dragon Eye, P.I.

Email your original articles, opinion pieces, photographs, drawings, etc, to James for publication. Note that while James is continuing to assist until a new editor can be found, a volunteer is needed to take over the role of editor for The Prairie Dawg.

The most recent year's worth of the newsletter are posted below. All North Dakota newsletters from 2005 and later are archived on the national site here. (Login is required.)

Last Updated 11 April 2018
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