Important Information Concerning Delivery of the Prairie Dawg Newsletter.

We have discovered that over half our members are not receiving The Prairie Dawg by email. If you haven't been receiving the emails, please make sure your profile on American Mensa includes your email address. We are sending the newsletter through Mensa Connect and “email my members,” but if national doesn’t have your email, then ND doesn’t either. We are NOT going to send out the newsletter by U.S. mail.

If your email is listed but you are still not getting The Prairie Dawg, go to your profile on American Mensa, click on My Communications Preferences and make sure “allow local groups to contact me by email” is checked.

If you absolutely don’t want national or us to have your email, you can still access the newsletters online. You can access all newsletters or just Region 7. If filtering by newsletter, we are alphabetically under “T” for The Prairie Dawg.